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Solar Panel Cleaning Considerations For Your Installation Plan

Opting to have solar panels installed in your home is an exciting time. When you work with a solar services provider to install your panels and set up the battery storage system, it's important that you consider all of the relevant factors to choose the right installation location and position. One important thing many homeowners overlook is the cleaning requirements of solar panels. Here's a look at what you need to consider during installation to ensure that your panels are easy to keep clean.

Why You Need To Consider Cleaning Needs During Installation

Solar panels will accumulate dust and dirt. It's a normal hazard for anything that's exposed to the elements. When your solar panels are dirty, that can reduce their efficiency. The dirtier your solar panels are, the less efficient they will be.

Since you can't always rely on rain to keep your solar panels clean, it's important that your panels are easily accessible for you to clean them as needed. When you have the panels installed on your roof, for example, this can make it difficult for you to access them to clean them.

As a result, you need to consider your cleaning options as part of your solar panel installation.

What Your Cleaning Options Are For Different Solar Panels

In order to adequately assess and select your installation location for your new solar panels, you need to talk with your solar panel installation contractor about your cleaning solutions.

For example, if you want to be able to clean them yourself, you'll need to be able to physically reach the panels easily. That means installing them on the ground or possibly on a pole that places them at an accessible elevation by your deck or something similarly secure.

However, if your solar panel installation contractor suggests that your solar panels need to be installed on your roof, then you need to consider your solar panel cleaning solutions for those panels.

The good news is that there are automated cleaning solutions that can be installed with your panels when they are installed. It's important that you make this selection before installation so that everything can be incorporated into the solar panel installation process. Trying to retro-fit an automated cleaning solution can be cumbersome, and your initial panel installation may not have taken the needs of the cleaning system into account.

If your installation budget doesn't allow for the addition of an automated cleaning system, you should talk with your solar panel installer about any cleaning and maintenance contracts that they might offer. You can have your panels professionally cleaned on a regular basis this way so that you don't have to worry about it.

Reach out to a company like Aram Solar for more information.