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You know that one of the best ways to help the planet is to reduce your energy consumption and turn to more eco-friendly energy sources. But what does this look like in real life? Often, it looks like making a lot of little decisions. When you leave a room, you decide to turn the lights off. When you sign up for electricity service, you choose to buy from the company that utilizes wind power, not coal plants. These decisions may seem small at the time, but they add up and really help preserve the environment. Another good decision you can make is the decision to read the articles on this website. We've collected them to help teach you about energy and the environment, and we hope you'll take advantage of them.


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3 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Renting A Dumpster For Commercial Trash Disposal

If you're clearing things out in a commercial building, you probably need a dumpster. These come in many shapes and sizes today. To ensure this rental process works out in your favor, avoid these common mistakes. 

Not Getting The Right Size

Many people fail to realize that the size of the dumpster they get will have a huge impact on how this commercial dumping process goes. Size is in fact one of the most important attributes to get right.

Hopefully, you can figure out what sort of items are being disposed of. Then, you can get an idea of their dimensions and see what dumpster size would be needed to support everything you plan on throwing away. If you're still not sure what dumpster size to get, rental companies can help with this decision. You'll just have to let them know exactly what sort of items you're discarding. 

Throwing Any Item Inside

Even though these rental dumpsters are intended for trash, that doesn't mean you can throw away just anything. This approach could result in a costly fine that you didn't originally plan for.

The best way to approach these sort of items is to ask the rental company directly what items shouldn't go inside the dumpster. It may be commercial paints, cleaners, and other substances with potential toxins. These products need to be discarded separately and taken to a special drop-off location, which you can find by researching online. 

Not Preparing In Advance

A lot of prep work actually is involved in getting ready for this rental dumpster. Failing to get this prep work done right will result in a lot of added headaches, which can then delay this commercial trash removal process.

So that this doesn't happen, get your commercial site ready in advance. Mark off a location where this dumpster is going. Back entrances in the alley typically work best. You also need to make sure the path to this designated location is cleared out. Then, when the delivery driver shows up, they can easily make their way to this area and drop the rental dumpster off. Keep this area clear for when the driver arrives to pick the dumpster back up. 

Dumpster rentals are incredibly useful for large trash removal jobs, especially when commercial properties are involved. If you plan on renting one, make sure you know what important details to focus on and possible mistakes to avoid.